Peer Networks is a national peer-to-peer networking programme for SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success.

Our 2021/22 Peer Networks programme is now closed, as of February 2022.

How have businesses benefit from the peer networks programme?

Over 230 businesses from across Oxfordshire benefited from this fully-funded support programme, created to develop potential for future growth and productivity.

The Peer Networks programme ran for 9 weeks and brought cohorts together online with groups of around 10 business leaders, helping to tackle each other’s challenges by sharing ideas and experience. All the meetings were facilitated to ensure active learning and every group member also received mentoring help from business experts of their choice, to work with them on specific issues. 

The programme includes:

  • Interactive action learning
  • Trained facilitators
  • Small groups
  • Flexible topic selection
  • One-to-one coaching

Hear it from businesses who benefited from Peer Networks 1:

 What would you say to people who are considering joining the programme?

"Do it, don't give it a second thought."

Steve Gee, Managing Director - G-Force Logistics Ltd

"The Peer Networks Programme has been a fantastic opportunity to expand my network and work with other business leaders who were really committed to supporting each other. It has been great to work together and hold each other to account. It has been even better to watch each other grow through the programme. Business leaders really should grab the opportunity to join."

Chantal Orlik, Managing Director - The Motivation Agency

By engaging with the Peer Networks programme, businesses:

  • Overcame business challenges and recognised and acted upon new opportunities
  • Built a trusted network of connections to support their business now and in the future
  • Were able to take the first steps to improve long-term personal and business performance


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For more information on our Peer Networks programme get in touch with the OxLEP Business team today.