Meet the Specialist: Sian Cox

The eScalate programme has recruited a number of domain specialists who are delivering dedicated 1:1 sessions each month called ‘Power Hours’. One of those specialists is Sian Cox of People Connections HR Consultancy, and she has been delivering Power Hours around ‘HR and Talent’.

Even for a small company, HR is a critical business function that helps you recruit the talent that is essential to your business performance, it also supports the needs of employees to keep them engaged, and to ensure that they grow and develop their skills and experience. Done correctly, it can contribute massively to your bottom line by increasing employee productivity, improving employee retention rates, developing talent, and protecting your company by making sure that you are fully compliant with employee law and that essential policies are in place.

Sian can advise on a myriad of HR-related subjects from recruitment and selection, performance management, and learning and development, right the way through to succession planning, compensation and benefits, contracts, and essential policies.

Feedback from clients attending these Power Hours has been fantastic; she ‘demystifies’ a subject that many of us shy away from but that is essential to get ‘right’ from the very beginning. As Sian herself says: “I have been delivering the HR Power Hours for a couple of months now and I have really enjoyed talking to a variety of small businesses who are starting to think about scaling up and employing staff for the first time, or improving their HR infrastructure as they grow. It has been a real pleasure to be able to give advice and provide reassurances and support for those facing the unpredictable world of HR, which really isn’t as scary as you think it is.”

Sian’s next HR and Talent’ Power Hour sessions are scheduled for 16th and 17th September. Register your place today!

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