Women in Business Network and Support (Cohort 7)

12:00-14:00pm + more dates Online event

A safe, friendly environment facilitating purposeful networking and trusted support from specialists and fellow Oxfordshire business women

Who is this Network and Support programme for?

The UK is often described as the start-up capital of Europe, but not when it comes to women. Whilst the last decade has seen a sharp increase in female self-employment, sadly the number of women starting, and scaling businesses remains much lower than that of men (only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female). So, what are the issues? Well, they can vary depending on the stage or intention of the business, but repeatedly we hear access to funding and networks, primary care responsibilities, sectors and skills.

Trusted networks and collaboration have never been as important as they are in this post COVID/EU Exit era, which is why this series of Networking and Support sessions is so aptly timed. This support is specifically for women in business and women starting or considering starting a business in Oxfordshire and will provide a catalyst for business recovery and growth.


What can I expect from this Network and Support programme?

Following severe uncertainty and disruption to revenues and profit margins across the UK, linked mainly to COVID but also the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, we will use these sessions to explore, amongst other topics:

  • Your recovery and growth objectives and priorities
  • Aligning business and personal goals
  • Your core challenges and obstacles to recovery and growth (within and outside of your control)
  • Key recovery and growth enablers
  • Recovery and growth strategy execution

Sessions provide a safe and friendly environment where long-lasting, purposeful, and trusted relationships can be built. An experienced facilitator together with a small cohort of your female peers (and specialist advisors where applicable) provide a vital sounding board to challenge your thinking, unlock opportunities, and enhance your decision-making ability.


How will the Network and Support group work?

Cohort spaces are limited to 12 individuals in order to maximise the benefit for those participating. Applicants may be required to complete a short questionnaire to help assess suitability and compatibility. You may also receive a phone call as part of the application process.

Cut off date for registration is Monday 21st March at 5.30pm.


Dates & Structure

A total of four meetings are held virtually via Zoom. You must be able to attend all 6 sessions. Cut off date for registration is Monday 8th August at 5.30pm.

  • Wednesday 10th August 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Meet and Greet. Getting to know each other
  • Wednesday 24th August 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Recognising value and overcoming gender bias
  • Wednesday 7th September 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Time management. Balancing work and family life
  • Wednesday 21st September 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Art of networking. Defying social expectations
  • Wednesday 5th October 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Confidence and fear of failure. Owning accomplishments
  • Wednesday 19th October 2022 - 12.00-14.00: Funding business growth and accessing support networks


For more information about the eScalate programme, visit: www.oxfordshirelep.com/escalate

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