"Trading internationally" Power Hours

11:00-15:00pm Online event

Growing revenues by overseas expansion or taking your supply chain global? Obtain critical and specialist 1:1 import/export support.

Are you a novice or experienced exporter looking to expand your brand further overseas? Are you a company looking to add resilience to your supply chain by exploring overseas providers? Perhaps both apply, and you currently import and export your goods and/or services.

During this 'International' focused Power Hour, you can explore with our specialist, all areas of import and export, from preparing your business all the way through to market penetration and after sales provision, to onboarding of new international suppliers.

International trade can be complex but incredibly rewarding; it can carry a level of risk above and beyond your dealings in your domestic market, so it pays to sanity check your plans with an expert before investing your time, resource, and funds.

Typical topics of conversation in these sessions will include:

  • Export readiness
  • Market research and suitability
  • Product classification
  • Local market regulation
  • Import/Export controls
  • Provision of services (cross border, natural persons, etc.)
  • Overseas partner research, selection and vetting
  • International contracts
  • Incoterms
  • Preferential trade (Free Trade Agreements, etc.)
  • Product origin
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • And much more


What clients say:

"Andrea is exceptionally experienced, personable and understanding of our business sector. During the International Trade Power Hour, she was able to discuss the nature of different International Markets with us and how we could best approach a number of burning issues we had been dealing with, facilitating our expansion in new markets and thus helping us grow our client base. We benefited enormously from Andrea's excellent listening skills, comprehension of the topics at hand as well as her insight, connections and ability to give us definitive, concrete suggestions as to how we could surmount our business challenges moving forward. Thank you for your great advice and mentorship, it has been of great value to us."


About our specialist Andrea Collins of The Export Department:

Andrea is an international trade specialist with almost 25 years’ experience in the industry. A linguist fluent in French and Spanish, Andrea specializes in Importing, exporting, EU Exit preparedness, business resilience, and business growth. A passionate ambassador of UK micro businesses and SMEs, she launched The Export Department to assist these companies expand their horizons internationally and raise the profile of UK goods and services abroad. As well as supporting private clients with their international trade endeavours, Andrea delivers 1:1 support and 1:Many support for a number of Growth Hubs nationwide and is responsible for the design and delivery of a range of EU transition, international expansion, and business resilience support programmes operational across Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the South East Midlands.


For more information about the eScalate programme, visit: www.oxfordshirelep.com/escalate

Please note that these 1:1 sessions are part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and are delivered as part of the eScalate programme to help SMEs. By engaging in this programme you are being offered assistance under the De Minimis regulation which allows a company to receive up to but not exceeding €200,000 of public funding (at the applicable exchange rate) of De Minimis aid over a rolling three-tax year fiscal period. This de minimis declaration does not cover undertakings engaged in: the primary production of agricultural goods and fisheries/aquaculture, road freight, services of general economic interest and export related activities and activities favouring domestic over imported goods. Please note, support cannot be given to undertakings (businesses) in difficulty. In order to receive support from this programme, you will be required to complete an application form and other relevant documentation.

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