Reduce my footprint

It is an unavoidable fact that the world is getting warmer and, unchecked, our own way of life is making a bad situation worse. Start-up company Reduce My Footprint hopes its timing is right with an online platform offering everyone the chance to offset their emissions and make a direct impact by removing the carbon they have consumed. It is a practical form of action firmly aimed at individuals and families, costing as little £3.99 a month. For that, Reduce My Footprint is planting a way forward, tree by tree, to avoid catastrophic climate change.

The real cost of living
With support from OxLEP Business and its ISfB (Innovation Support for Business) programme, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Reduce My Footprint has created
an extremely easy, consumer-friendly, way for anyone to neutralise their own carbon dioxide cost. As co-founder Marcus Lima explained: “We want to empower climate conscious people and businesses to begin capturing carbon now. What we are doing is called carbon capture. People can go to our website and sign up in minutes. We then fund projects which take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.” “Our proposition appeals to people who want to start making a difference today by reducing their carbon footprint. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, they are removing at least as much CO2 from the
atmosphere as their lifestyle has put into it. Our innovation just makes it easier than ever to pay each month to neutralise the damage we’re doing to our planet.” Whilst carbon capture has been around
for some time, there has been criticism of some schemes which invested in relatively
inefficient or unproductive offsetting. Reduce My Footprint has been careful to select partners. “The most important thing is that any carbon is taken out of the atmosphere forever. So, we only invest in partners that can be relied upon to plant in highly effective ways, reforesting areas which have previously been damaged by over-farming or clear-cutting timber extraction.”

Go-Create grant funding from OxLEP Business
The consumer platform was enabled by a Go-Create grant from OxLEP Business. The Innovation Support for Business programme, ISfB, provided grant-funding
for the development work. According to Marcus Lima, it was invaluable: “Getting the grant helped us to get the platform up and running. It was a crucial part of our growth and meant we could launch the sales channel and take our first step into revenue-generating activities. Because we are still at an early
stage, it has been a major boost which extended our own investment. Our money has gone a little further.”

What about the future?
Ultimately, the personal offsetting platform will be a small part of their enterprise, with even more ambitious plans for a bigger carbon capture and storage business. “Eventually, we aim to use industrial scale processes to remove CO2 from the air with a highly valuable biproduct. That is hydrogen, the gas which is widely expected to be a clean energy source of the future.” “We expect climate conscious people will find it attractive to have a clearer view of how their money is being spent. Our customers can choose themselves where their carbon dioxide will be offset. We have schemes in Kenya and Nepal for
instance. Both are areas where our tree planting schemes will make a substantial difference.”


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