It's Time for Change

Lisa Lloyd has a passion for her work and her business. It’s Time For Change, is the result. She is a psychologist committed to improving mental and emotional health for her clients.

She works with businesses, public sector organisations, schools, colleges and charities. It’s Time for Change provides everything from training, workshops and therapy to assessments and retreats. “Mental health and wellbeing are now far more recognised as important issues at home and at work. It makes it a good time to be building a business” she comments, “with the impacts of mental health now being talked about and acknowledged more in work, education and at home.” One of her clients called their experience ‘lifechanging’ and one of the businesses she has supported say their team now have valuable insights and feel equipped to support colleagues. Such outcomes helped her to be named Oxfordshire Psychologist of the year in 2018. Based in South Oxfordshire, Lisa began her consultancy with no previous experience of business after a career break to raise her young family. “I had previously worked in local authorities, so venturing into business was new territory for me. It has been a steep learning curve. I’m a psychologist and my working life has been about supporting people, but zero about marketing etc! It all felt quite daunting until I came across OxLEP Business and the Elevate programme.”

Support from OxLEP Business

Lisa has been able to overcome a number of her anxieties about her skills and business management experience through workshops she has been attending. “My first workshop was a helpful introduction to starting a business. I realised at that workshop that I needed to be more proactive about getting work and not simply settle for it to come to me.” Lisa has gone on to attend other workshops looking at sales, branding, marketing and the digital world. “Two things stand out for me in terms of the impact this support has had. Firstly, I am accessing great advice and insights into business which I really need and secondly, I now appreciate how much more needs to be done” she says. “I attended an Elevate Marketplace event along with around 20 other enterprises and that gave me the confidence to take my business to the next level.” "I had a face-to-face meeting with a Network Navigator where I spent two hours bombarding him with ideas, questions and worries. He was really easy to talk to, non-judgemental and reassuring. He talked through all aspects of the business that I wanted to cover and gave me feedback. I liked his approach to developing a plan for my work which suited me i.e. visual diagrams instead of a formal business plan. He was able to provide me with specific contacts. I received frank advice and left the meeting feeling clearer, with a better sense of direction and purpose. I highly recommend this support.”

What next for It’s Time for Change?

“There is much more focus on marketing the business itself now. For instance, I frequently update my LinkedIn profile now, network with other organisations and have recently started writing a regular article for Vale Life – a local magazine.” “There are opportunities which I have identified through my invigorated approach to business. My plan now includes growth through collaborations, in providing training to organisations on wellbeing at work and by responding to many of the government initiatives on mental health. Lastly, I am developing my retreats by providing these to businesses and in conjunction with a management company who provide events.”

Advice to other start-up ventures?

“Do it! And believe in yourself. My children have always been my priority, but I’ve made my work fit around our family. Start small and use connections you already have to get your name out there. And get support from OxLEP!”

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